Comprehensive Chinese

Duration 1 month month
Starting Date The first week of each month
Tuition Fee ¥70-80RMB/lesson (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Program Infomation

Course Description

Looking to progress your Chinese language skills efficiently and effectively?  Build on your current level with experienced teachers who deliver well-rounded lessons.  No matter your current level, solidify and advance all your Chinese language abilities – to understand, speak, read and write – with a comprehensive curriculum.

What will I learn?

You will advance your Chinese language abilities across all aspects – understanding, speaking, reading, and writing.  As you progress, you will learn to use the appropriate vocabulary and grammar to communicate as a native Chinese person.

Depending on your abilities, you can advance one entire level in approximately 50-80 lessons.  See <levels tab> for a more detailed description of the different levels.

How will I learn?

We use a multi-dimensional teaching method to deliver our custom-designed course, which is focused on “learning by doing” and giving you a strong foundation to remember all that you learn in the long term.  Our fully certified and experienced teachers prepare customized lessons, combining each of the following to deliver fun, interesting, and effective lessons:
• High level of classroom interaction (e.g., role play, conversations)
• Full immersion in Chinese environment (e.g., using words, phrases, and sentences rather than just learning rules and mechanics) to allow students to think and respond directly in Chinese rather than having to translate
• Effective methods to infer word meanings, given context
• Unique games and tricks to memorize words and increase recognition (e.g., distinguishing similar words, creating words, recognizing and dissecting words, etc.)
• Special explanations for differences between Chinese and English and common mistakes
• Utilizing explanations of Chinese writing rules in order to increase reading comprehension and speed

Comprehensive Chinese Course Start Dates

New group of Comprehensive Chinese Courses in Shanghai start on the first week of each month. Schedule options include:

-Daytime Group Chinese Class: 9-11:30AM / 1-3:30PM / 3:30-6:00PM (one of these 3 and Monday to Friday or M.W.F)

-Evening Group Chinese Class:7-8:30PM on Mon.& Wed. / Tue. & Thur.

-Weekend Group Chinese Classes: 2-3:30 PM, 15-minute break and then 3:45-5:15PM on Sunday or Saturday

1, You may join the current group of your level from any Monday

2, New Group starts on the first week of each Month (Click here to check  for specific dates in 2015), it may move to a later week once there are holidays

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